Shannon Coker, owner - Agape Rug and Home

I have always had an affinity for old things; old houses and buildings; old dogs; old souls. Old homes have character, and they have history. I believe they even have souls. A few years ago, my family purchased a home that was over one hundred years old.  We knew this would be our forever home and I wanted it to reflect the love of our family.  I wanted it to feel inviting and comfortable for our family as well as those who visited us. 

For us this house would be a place where kids and dogs could congregate and everyone feels welcome.  As I began filling our home with antique pieces and vintage finds, I realized the importance of finding the perfect rug to complete the room. I have searched far and wide for these instant heirlooms and I wanted to create a space with warmth and comfort that makes it easy for others to enjoy these beautiful pieces of art. That’s when Agape Rug and Home was created.

Each piece selected by me is an authentic handwoven, wool, Turkish rug, from regions such as Usak, Konya, Central Anatolia and Taspinar and most have been previously loved.  I hope you’ll find the ideal rug that perfectly complements your      space and tells your home’s story. 

Please feel free to contact me about custom orders, if you're looking for something specific!